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How to set the mood for a night of romance

A beautiful night spent with your significant other is all about the mood and setting it the right way will be absolutely crucial – but you will be amazed at how easy that can be done!

Read on and find out more about the ways in which you can make a room transform itself into the most beautiful of the castles out there for that one special person in your life.

  • Take your time. You are definitely excited about surprising your love this way, but make sure you take your time and that you do everything properly.

  • Cook a delicious dinner for you and your loved one. There is a world of possibilities when it comes to this and you don’t have to be an actual professional cook to master these recipes. For instance, the “Endless Love” menu in the To Romance with love cookbook presents 3 delicious dishes: an appetizer consisting of a salad (made from Boston lettuce, artichokes, cherry tomatoes and roasted peppers), an entrée consisting of Chicken Parmesan with Linguini Marinara (chicken, mozzarella, parmesan, tomatoes and some mouth-watering spices) and a dessert consisting of a sherbert that will sweeten up your life.

  • Decorate the room as beautifully as possible. Flowers play a very important role and so does the table setting. Choose a romantic and beautiful tablecloth and the best dishes you have.

  • Do not forget about the lightning. Sure, electricity is great, but when you want to be truly romantic, candles are the way to go. Pay attention though! Scented candles are not to be used at the table, but in the bedroom!

  • Choose a good wine to go with your perfect dinner and have it chilled.

  • Choose the right music and make sure it is something both you and your significant other will like. Think of a playlist ahead of time and don’t rush into adding songs on it just because they speak about love and not necessarily because you and your love like them.

For some other great ideas on how to surprise your loved one with a romantic night of love and beauty, check out with To Romance with Love. Plenty of ideas and recipes await for you there and they will definitely inspire you to do this as often as possible!

Photo credit: celera

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