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Ways to Make an At Home Date Night Romantic

Having an at-home romantic dinner can be a fantastic and easy way of getting you and your spouse some quality time together. It doesn’t take a lot of planning, as long as you get the basics right and you have a general theme for the evening.


Here are a few tips:

  • Plan your drinks carefully. If you intend to have steak or other meats, choose the perfect red wine to complement the dish. Remember also that if you are planning to have beer or other drinks that are traditionally served cold, you need to get them in the refrigerator as soon as possible.

  • Your appetizers and main course need to be simple. This is because you don’t really need to spend hours preparing the food. If you do spend too long or deal with complex dishes, this may well bring stress and then your evening can be ruined.

  • Break out the fine china and ensure you have flowers or other romantic touches on the table….and don’t forget the music.

Of course our To Romance with Love cookbook has the perfect recipes for a romantic evening. It even has pull out menus to give that extra special touch to an otherwise perfect evening. Here’s a link to order the cookbook and start planning your romantic meal.

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