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How to Set the Table for a Romantic Dinner Night

Preparing a romantic dinner for your special someone is an amazing way to stir up the passion between the two of you and to add a bit of delight to your lives as well. However, aside from cooking the dinner, you will also want to learn as much as possible about how to make it look absolutely amazing too. Here are some of the best tips to help you set the table for your very own romantic dinner night.

  • Choose nice table linens. You have no idea how much it can contribute to the “look” of the entire dinner! You can go for simple, white linens or you can always choose something more edgy, such as red or even printed linens.

  • Don’t forget about using nice tableware, dishes and glassware too. If you have any China, now’s the time to use them! Also, do keep in mind that your glassware should be appropriate for the type of drink you will be serving (and it would be nice if you had different glasses for white wine and for red wine).

  • Candles and flowers make for an amazing atmosphere so make sure you put them on your shopping list. Ideally, you should go for a beautiful arrangement right in the center of the table, so that your loved one feels truly special about the amount of attention you have put into creating this special night.

  • If you want to be really “fancy”, you can set the plates, cutlery and glassware in a very formal way. However, the dinner will still be very romantic even if you don’t remember the exact order in which these should be set on the table. In the end, the essence lies in the atmosphere created around you, not necessarily in respecting any kind of “etiquette”.

For more ideas and for more tips on how to create special dinners for your special someone, visit To Romance With Love. We can teach you everything there is when it comes to keeping romance alive even after decades of marriage!

Photo source: Celera

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