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Romantic Indoor Picnic Dinner Ideas

Winter is just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a romantic indoor picnic with your soul mate. If you want to surprise him/her with something really nice, read on and follow the list of tips we have put together.

  • Create the perfect indoor picnic setting. Get some nice blankets, some fluffy pillows and place them on the floor. Light up some candles (or the fireplace, you have any) and make sure you create a beautiful playlist of songs to soothe your ears as well. Make sure the rest of the room is tidy and clean – you want everything to look absolutely perfect.

  • Generally speaking, cooking for a picnic is quite easy. However, the food doesn’t have to be boring. Choose high quality ingredients and sprinkle everything with something elegant and fancy if you want this picnic dinner to feel really special.

  • Finger food is the best kind of food for a picnic (be it indoors or outdoors). Aside from the fact that it can be easier to prepare and eat, it will also offer you the “opportunity” to feed each other – a really romantic gesture that will feel torn out of a movie scene.

  • No picnic is complete without the things that are done “after” eating. You can choose to play a romantic board game, some card games, to watch a movie or anything else that will relax both of you.

For more ideas on how to surprise your loved one with romantic gestures, make sure to visit To Romance with Love. With our experience and know-how, you can create beautiful moments that will surprise your lover in ways you thought only movie characters can be surprised. Be romantic, stir up the passion with romantic gestures and your relationship will be a happy, lively and really inspiring one!

Photo source: Raenef

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