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5 Ideas For A Romance Anniversary AT HOME

Regardless of whether it has been one year since your wedding or 31, your anniversary will always be important to you. This time, surprise your special someone with something really romantic and special. Here are some great romantic anniversary ideas that can be done at home too:

  • Order a dozen bouquets of your wife’s favorite flowers and decorate the entire living room with them. When she comes back from work or when she wakes up in the morning, she will be more than surprised by this gesture.

  • Create a beautiful collage of your favorite pictures together, frame it and offer it to him/her as gift. The collage can include your first photo, your wedding photos as well as other pictures that are dear to both of you.

  • Organize a movie night with your wedding video. Get some snacks, a good wine and re-watch your wedding video. We guarantee you will be flooded by really beautiful memories of that very special day in your life!

  • Offer your spouse a “special day” treatment. Bring him/her breakfast in bed, do everything for him/her, exchange presents, watch his/her favorite movie and make this day about what he/she likes. He/she will surely appreciate how attentive you are!

  • Cook a romantic dinner. You don’t have to be a “master chef” to be able to cook an amazing dinner at home. With a bit of know-how and with some willingness to make this happen, you can come up with some really great dishes. Don’t forget about the romantic candle lights and about the music either (and make sure to include your first dance song too!).

Visit To Romance with Love if you want to inspire yourself to create a really stunning dinner for your special someone. We have plenty of ideas and tips of advice to offer so do not forget to check us out when planning for your anniversary!

Photo source: Tegtmeyer

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