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Did you know that cooking together is actually healthy for a relationship?

True love has no boundaries. It can move the mountains, it can change people, and, ultimately, it can give life an entirely new meaning. However, it is also important to know that love doesn’t just happen – and happiness in a couple does not come completely effortlessly.

In fact, doing small things for the one you love can actually strengthen your relationship and make it withstand the sands of time, the winds of change and the tides of restlessness. What does cooking have to do with all this?

Well, as it turns out, couples who cook together are a lot more likely to stay together. Here’s why:

  • Cooking takes communication. Cooking for and with the person you love means you will both engage in an activity where communication is key. Imagine how terrible it would be if the two of you couldn’t get along and actually talk to each other about what you are doing together in the kitchen! Cooking is great practice for communication outside of the kitchen too – so it’s surely a healthy activity to engage in together, as a couple.

  • It also takes learning. And you are doing it together. Nobody was born with mad cooking skills – not Gordon Ramsay, and not any other Michelin-starred chef in the world. They all started with small, baby steps – which is precisely what you and your loved one will be doing when stepping together into the kitchen.

  • Last, but not least, it’s really enjoyable to enjoy the fruits of your work. You make a great puree, he/she makes a great cake – and together, you are a team nobody would ever be able to defeat. Because you know how to work together, but you also know how to really be happy together and enjoy the amazing taste only home cooked foods can bring into your life.

To Romance With Love can teach you more about cooking for your special someone – so do not hesitate to come visit us, see what we are all about and read the amazing cookbook we have put together for couples who want to build a better, healthier and stronger relationship through cooking!

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