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These aphrodisiac foods can spice up your date night

Planning regular date nights with your loved one can really spice up your relationship and bring the two of you closer. In fact, spending quality time with your life partner is one of the golden keys to maintaining a happy, healthy and loving relationship regardless of whether you’ve been together for one month or for three decades.

Furthermore, you can make your date nights even more romantic by adding aphrodisiac foods to the mix. What are some of the most popular ones, and why are they considered to be “foods of love”? Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

  • Honey. Have you ever wondered why “honey” is such a popular word among couples and lyrics that speak about love? Well, as it turns out, honey is considered to be an aphrodisiac because it boosts the testosterone production in men and because it is rich in the boron the female body needs to produce estrogen as well.

  • Chili. Who would have thought this common spice can make us feel more eager to love one another? Chili peppers are very rich in capsaicin, which heats up the blood and creates a sense of well-being (supported by the release of endorphins in the brain). What’s more, chili peppers can also change the outer appearance, making us feel more desirable (flushed skin, swollen lips, and so on).

  • Basil. Very popular in the Italian cuisine, this herb is known to improve blood flow and increase the heart rate. Sprinkled on a delicious bowl of pasta with tomatoes, it can turn a very simple dish into a true delight, helping you and your loved one truly enjoy each other’s company!

Not very knowledgeable in the art of cooking for (or with) your sweetheart? Come visit To Romance with Love and check out our Cookbook for Lovers! You would be surprised at how enjoyable cooking can be when you are doing with someone you genuinely love!

Photo source: littlebirth

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