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Set a romantic mood through food!

Regularly organizing date nights is one of the best ways to keep the flame alive in your relationship – and food is a hugely important part of setting a truly romantic mood when sharing time with your loved one.

What are some of the foods you will definitely love to bring into your romantic menu? Here are some tips that may surprise you:

  • Celery. Not only is this green veggie extremely healthy, but it is also believed to be an excellent “fire-starter” for a romantic night. Why? Well, as it appears, celery contains an ingredient called Androsterone – an element very similar to the pheromones released by the man’s body.

  • Cheese. We can all thank the Skies for cheese! Delicious, hearty and comforting, cheese goes perfectly with wine (another great ingredient to bring into a romantic date night). But even more than that, it seems to have special powers of its own! Scientists say it contains Arginine, which will increase the blood flow and thus make a woman feel much more aroused. Interesting, right?

  • Pomegranate. Used by Ancient civilizations as a symbol for regeneration and life, pomegranate is a great ingredient to bring into your romantic dinner too. Its high anti-oxidants content will increase the blood supply in the entire body and make both women and men feel more attracted to each other. Well, no wonder they call it Aphrodite’s food then!

  • Almonds. This delicious and healthy snack is not just a great ingredient for homemade sweets! It is also very rich in folic acid and vitamin B6, which will increase energy in the body and boost the male hormone secretion. Therefore, you can definitely go nuts with this treat for your special night with your loved one!

Did you know that cooking together can bring you close to each other? If you don’t know how to cook, come check our Cookbook for Lovers, here at To Romance with Love. We guarantee you will absolutely love it!

Photo source: Oscar E.

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