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Add some romance to your date night with wine!

What could be more relaxing and romantic than to spend a beautiful night with the one you love? Here, at To Romance with Love, we know better than anyone just how much it can mean for a couple to spend quality time together – and we believe date nights are a truly perfect way to do this, regardless of whether you have just celebrated your one-year anniversary, or your fiftieth.

How to add some tasty romance to your date night with a good wine? Following, we have gathered some wines you can literally fall in love with – so read on if you are searching for ideas.

  • Paterna, Chianti Colli Aretini, Tuscany, Italy. Although you may be familiar with the more common Chianti, we highly suggest you to try out this one as well. As one of the most organic and unique versions of the famous wines, this one will definitely satisfy your taste buds – and combined with a hearty plate of pasta or with a delicious stake, it can really make your evening a lot nicer!

  • Chardonnay from Burgundy, France. This is delicate white wine with amazing taste and a bouquet that’s pretty far away from the fruity wines very frequently encountered in the US. You will love it from the very first sip – and it will be even more amazing when combined with aphrodisiac foods (such as oysters, pasta with cream sauce or roast chicken with herbs).

  • Mia Dolcea Moscato D’Asti, DOCG, Piedmont, Italy. Although sweet, this wine will feel refreshing and delicious (and this is mostly due to its unique acidity). Fruity and flowery, this Italian drink works marvelously with strawberries as a dessert – so it will surely be a more than amazing complement to your entire date night!

Looking for romantic ways to spend your date nights? How about cooking together, or for the one you love? Come visit To Romance with Love and check out our Cookbook for Lovers – as you will see, spending time with your partner has never been this romantic and this genuinely healthy for your relationship!

Photo source: scui3asteveo

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