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Create a romantic atmosphere for your date night

Date nights are the secret to a happy, lasting and truly fulfilling relationship. Regardless of whether you have been together for one month, four years or half of a decade, date nights will provide you with true satisfaction and genuine happiness in your love life.


Simply because it brings the two of you together and helps you constantly re-connect to each other.

How do you create a romantic atmosphere for your date night, though? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Lighting is crucial. Neon lighting is not romantic in any way – so make sure you complement your date night with lighting that soothes the soul and makes everything look warmer, more beautiful and more romantic. In general, candles can do this for you – so don’t be afraid to light up the space using the natural beauty of candlelight.

  • It is also essential to stimulate all senses. A bit of chocolate, a glass of wine, some nice-smelling incense sticks – these details can really add up to create a special atmosphere, suitable for a romantic dinner or date night. Use your creativity and bring together elements that truly pamper your loved one from all points of view!

  • Soft, suave music. Music has the power to speak even when no words are uttered. It has the power to induce a romantic state of mind and to say “I love you” in one of the most stunningly beautiful ways ever invented. So, use some soft music to create a romantic ambiance for your date night! We suggest soft jazz, but anything works as long as it’s romantic and you know your loved one enjoys it!

Cooking together is always a great date night idea – and here, at To Romance with Love, we truly believe it is one of the golden keys to a happy marriage. If you want to learn more about cooking together as a couple, about perfecting truly romantic dinners and about enchanting your loved one with delicious meals, make sure to check out our Cookbook for Lovers. You will definitely enjoy the ideas in it!

Photo source: VIK hotels group

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