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Add a bit more romance to your date night though food

Date nights are a truly amazing way to spend time with your loved one and re-connect your souls to each other. How to use food to add a bit more romance to these special nights together, though? We have gathered some of the best tips out there – so read on and find out more.

  • Chocolate. Well, it’s no wonder people offer chocolate to those they really love – this is, indeed, one of the most delicious culinary creations mankind has ever come up with. Not only is it a true feast for the taste buds – its ingredients (cocoa especially) have the power to generate more endorphins in your bodies, making you happier and thus, more attractive to each other. Such a great treat for a night spent with the one you care about!

  • Steak. Although it cannot be fully explained why, steaks will always be associated with lovely, romantic dinners. As we have shown in a previous blog post, cooking the perfect steak is not difficult at all – but oh my, what a joy it can be for two people who enjoy food…and enjoy each other’s presence too!

  • Fondue. Looking for something fancy, but easy to make and absolutely delicious? Fondue makes things more intimate, more romantic and more… French. A stylish dish for a really romantic dinner you spend with the most important person in your life!

  • Champagne. Although not technically food, champagne can really get the sparkles going on between the two of you. Invest in a good bottle of bubbly wine and it will perfectly complement an unforgettable night with your lover!

Looking for more tricks on how to plan the perfect romantic dinner? Come visit To Romance with Love and get our Cookbook for Lovers. Tried and tested tips to make every dinner absolutely memorable for yourself and for your loved one as well!

Photo source: magic_pic

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