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Create a romantic dessert for your date night

Planning date nights is a really sweet way of spending time with your significant other and of making the most out of it. Of course, cooking a delicious meal should be part of the “plan” – but what happens when you want to serve a romantic dessert as well?

We have gathered some of the best romantic dessert ideas for your date night – so read on and find out more.

  • Red velvet cake. This will probably take a bit of skill to pull off, so if you have never baked a cake before, you might want to avoid it. However, if you know how to bake a simple cake, the red velvet variety will be…a piece of cake for you. The red color will make everything even sweeter and more romantic!

  • Fruit Cheesecake Parfait. This dessert sounds very intriguing and complicated – but the truth is that it can be very easily done even by someone who doesn’t have much cooking or baking experience. Basically, it is consisted of layered of cheesecake filling, cheesecake crumbles and fruit. So delicious and refreshing!

  • Sugar cookies. Sometimes, the simplest and most classic desserts are the ones that work best. Sugar cookies are highly appreciated by everyone, so there’s absolutely no way you can fail with them. Plus, they are fairly easy to make and they will leave plenty of room for creativity, especially when it comes to their décor. Your loved one will genuinely appreciate your effort!

Want to learn more about cooking romantic dinners for your SO? Come visit To Romance with Love and read our Cookbook for Lovers. We guarantee it will teach you everything you need to know to pull off the most romantic date nights ever – even if you have never cooked before!

Photo source: Jeremy Jenum

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