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Top tips for spicing up your date night!

Date nights are a lovely way to spend quality time with your significant other. But how do you add just a bit of “spicy” into the mix? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Wear nice lingerie. Even if your loved one cannot see it, you will feel amazing. There’s something absolutely mysterious and romantic about pretty lingerie that most ladies can agree with. Put on your best one and enjoy your unforgettable date night!

  • Get on those high heels. It’s not about the height itself, but about the way high-heeled shoes make you move – like a beautiful, delicate feline. Put on a pair of high-heeled shoes to match with a more casual outfit and your date night will feel really special.

  • Wear a bold lipstick. There’s nothing like lipstick to make a lady feel more feminine and beautiful. Sure, a bit of makeup can go a long way – but lipstick has its own kind of magic. Find a color that complements your complexion and wear it with pride and dignity!

  • Have a glass of red wine. Delicious and aphrodisiac, wine can spice up the spirits and make both of you more talkative and open to each other. Warm up with a tasty glass of wine and your date night will be a success!

  • Get rid of the devices. This is not the time to scroll down your Facebook feed. Enjoy each other’s presence and what each one has to offer! Be there and seize every second of your ate night!

Want to learn more about planning perfect date nights at home and cooking for the one you love? Come visit To Romance with Love and get our Cookbook for Lovers. You will love every page of our guide to cooking and romance!

Photo source: idea-saras

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