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Romantic dinner ideas for date night

Some people may live under the impression that romanticism is all about expensive trips to Paris and diamond rings – but, in truth, being romantic lies in the small gestures and in the beauty of spending special moments with your loved one. This is precisely why date nights are always a success with couples who just want to enjoy each other’s presence.

What are some of the best romantic dinner ideas for your date nights? Here are some menu ideas you’ll surely love:

  • Duck breast with pomegranate glaze. Although preparing duck breast may seem a little intimidating if you don’t have much experience in doing this, the truth is that it can be much easier than you think. Cook it with a delicious pomegranate citrus glaze and your SO won’t be able to resist it (or you)!

  • Chicken breasts with goat cheese and garlic. Looking for a really easy, but delicious and unique recipe for your next date night? Roast some chicken breasts and stuff them with goat cheese and just a dash of garlic. The taste will be so amazing you’ll both want to eat this every day!

  • Panna Cotta. If you want to serve dessert as well, panna cotta is a truly romantic choice. Serve it with a touch of warm strawberry jam and a bit of grated chocolate – it will be the best, easiest to make, and lightest dessert you’ve ever made at home. Plus, the red of the strawberry jam and the magic properties of chocolate will surely complement your romantic dinner!

Not sure how to make romantic dinners unforgettable? To Romance with Love has gathered every single piece of information you need in order to plan amazing dinners for your loved one. Come visit us and get our Cookbook for Lovers right now!

Photo source: ralph and jenny

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