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Mamas Date your Husband with a Romantic Movie Night at Home

There is nothing more romantic and more beautiful than marriage. Love lasts for a lifetime, that is certainly true – but married couples also have to make sure they stir the fire of passion as well. After all, not even a fireplace will stay alive forever without being stirred once in a while, right?


One of the best ideas on how to keep your love as lively as possible is organizing frequent dates. Yes, married couples should definitely date! A romantic movie night at home can be a great idea, for example. If you want to organize such a date, make sure to keep in mind the following tips:

  • Dress nicely. You want this to be more special than your average TV night so make sure you get some nice clothes. Sure, you will not need a tuxedo and a ball gown, but something nice and a bit of perfume or cologne will definitely add a lot to the night.

  • Choose a good movie. And by “good”, you should make sure you don’t fall in any of the extremes. For instance, that new Arnold Schwarzenegger movie should be left for another time. Instead, go for a romantic comedy or for a drama. Both you and your spouse will definitely enjoy it!

  • Get some snacks. If you want this to be special, skip the normal popcorn and go for something homemade and tasty.

  • As for the drinks, go for anything both of you like: wine, sweet drinks or even homemade cocktails. If you know both of you enjoy a good beer, go for it too, but remember to get something more special.

For some amazing tips on how to keep the romance alive even when it’s been decades since you first started to date, make sure to visit To Romance with love!

Photo source: Marsee

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