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Starting a new relationship? Consider cooking together first!

Cooking together can be such a meaningful experience – and very fresh couples make no exception from the rule. In fact, cooking together can help you see how your partner will react in future situations, precisely because this is such an intimate and revealing action to participate in together.

What are some of the traits that might be uncovered by the simple, yet beautiful act of cooking? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Fairness and open-mindedness. The kitchen is the place where you will first learn whether or not your partner is really willing to go the 50-50 way. If he/she doesn’t make compromises about food, it is highly unlikely that they will make them about anything else…From the way you decide on the menu together to the way your loved one cooks, everything can be revealing of his/her personality.

  • Cleanliness. Want to know if your partner is really clean and organized? Watch his/her cooking. Is he/she very neat in the way she brings the ingredients together? Or is he/she sloppier? But even more importantly, do they clean after themselves? If you are not OK with a messy partner now’s the time to see how they really are.

  • Kindness and sense of humor. People are very frequently just like the food they cook and eat – they are colorful, they are filled with beauty, but they also have their hidden twists. The way your partner handles mistakes, how he/she deals with the entire action of cooking – these small details can reveal a lot about his/her level of kindness and sense of humor.

Preparing a special dinner and want to ace it? Come visit To Romance with Love and read our Cookbook for Lovers. It has everything you need to ensure your romantic dinner turns out just as you planned it!

Photo source: daystar297

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