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The essentials to a great date night menu

A romantic dinner has the almost magical power of bringing couples together and making them feel happier with each other. But how do you actually plan a dinner that’s filled with romance…and taste? How do you plan a date night menu? We have some tips for you – so read on, find out more and prepare yourself to amaze your loved one with the most memorable romantic dinner ever.

  • The appetizer. Sometimes, the appetizer is so delicious that you will want to skip right to dessert. Regardless of what you may choose to serve for this part of the meal, though, we highly advise you to savor every single second of this special moment. Feed each other, enchant each other with the delicious treat you have prepared and be happy for every second you spend together.

  • The salad. If you want to keep the dinner light, you can always serve a salad with your appetizer. The best part about it? Salads are extremely healthy and they allow for plenty of room for creativity – so don’t be afraid to experiment with ingredients and tasty dressings.

  • The main course. In general, there are two main ways to serve the main course: plated (just as you would be served in a restaurant), or family-style (where all the food is plated on one larger dish). Both of the options can be really romantic – the first because it will make your loved one feel truly pampered and the second one because it allows for more closeness (hence, you can feed each other and truly enjoy these romantic minutes).

  • The dessert. We highly suggest you to prepare the dessert before the actual dinner – or to buy it at a pastry shop if you want to keep things clean and easy. Also, we advise you to settle for something simple – such as strawberries and cream. You want to serve this as a prelude to a night of beautiful memories, so keeping it light will be a more than useful idea!

Want to learn more about cooking for your loved one? Come visit To Romance with Love and read our Cookbook for Lovers. We have all the tips and tricks you need to pull off picture-perfect romantic dinners!

Photo source: mike feist

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