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Get the most out of your beef for date night!

If you have decided to plan a romantic date night for you and your loved one, you also want to ensure the food you share with each other is amazingly delicious. After all, what could be a better head-start for a night of sheer happiness, other than cooking a genuinely tasty meal you will both love?

Have you decided to serve beef at your date night? If so, you absolutely must read the following tips:

  • First of all, decide on whether you want to purchase the butcher’s cut (high quality, but generally pricier) or an entire tenderloin (lower quality, but it can provide you with at least 3-4 healthy, delicious meals if you can portion it properly and freeze for up to 5 days at under 37°F ).

  • Fillet mignon is a truly great option for a date night – it takes less than one hour to prepare it and it can taste absolutely amazing. You will not need a lot of spices, but we do advise you to serve the fillet mignon with vegetables on the side (and, of course, with a good wine in your glasses!).

  • Before you cook the fillet mignon, it is advisable that you temper the beef at room temperature. Sure, it may never reach the actual room temperature – but the closer it is to that, the better it will come up. Furthermore, remember that the fillet mignon bites should be held for a maximum of 3-4 minutes on each side, at very high temperature! It may take some practice until you nail the flawless fillet mignon – but when you do it, your loved one will be more than proud of your cooking skills!

Want to learn more about cooking with and for the one you love and cherish? Come visit To Romance with Love and take a look at our Cookbook for Lovers – a book written exclusively for those who want to plan unforgettably romantic date nights at home.

Photo source: quinn.anya

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